Therapeutic Parenting

Parental Coaching - Staffordshire Hypnotherapy

Therapeutic Parenting Course by Staffordshire Hypnotherapy in Staffordshire What is therapeutic parenting Attachment styles & attachment disorders Adverse childhood experiences The Trauma brain v the non-trauma brain Importance of being emotional attuned and available Discuss and explore different modalities of therapeutic parenting How to respond therapeutically to challenging behaviour Blocked care Blocked trust The benefits […]


Safeguarding Thrive Training Services

  Safeguarding Children Courses in Staffordshire Working together to safeguard children/Law and legislation An understanding of Child Development and the impact of abuse on the developing brain Child sexual exploitation Child criminal exploitation Female genital mutilation Understand what is meant by Safeguarding Understand your responsibilities both within and outside of your workplace Know how to […]

Trauma Informed Practice

Trauma informed practice Thrive Training Services

Trauma Informed Practice understanding course by Staffordshire Hypnotherapy in Staffordshire What is Trauma Child development Different types of trauma Impact of trauma The trauma brain v non trauma brain Functions of the brain Adverse childhood experiences Attachment styles Attachment disorders Blocked care Blocked trust How to respond using a trauma informed approach The importance of […]

Therapeutic Behaviour Support

Children’s Services Training Courses - Thrive Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic Behaviour Support by Staffordshire Hypnotherapy offer Breakaway Courses In Staffordshire Therapeutically responding to distress Building therapeutic rapport Identifying triggers Dynamic risk assessments Rupture and repair Effective communication skills Setting limits in therapeutic behaviour support Learning disengage/breakaway skills

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Youth mental health first aid Thrive Training Services

Youth Mental Health First Aid course run by Staffordshire Hypnotherapy in Staffordshire, is an in person course developed to cover the below What is first aid for mental health Child development and the effects on mental and emotional health Internal/external working model Window of tolerance Adverse childhood experiences Toxic trio Identifying mental health conditions Providing […]

Paediatric First Aid 2-days

Paediatric First Aid 2 days Thrive Training Services

Paediatric First Aid in Staffordshire is run over 2 days as a face to face course Understanding the role of the First Aider Effectively managing an emergency Chain of survival Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Choking and Respiratory arrest Asthma Bleeding Head injuries Diabetes (low and high blood sugar) Allergic reactions, bites, stings, and poisoning Managing a […]