Building Confidence & Self Esteem

Building Confidence & Self Esteem - Staffordshire Hypnotherapy

Staffordshire Hypnotherapy work together with you and your child to promote and build their confidence and self-esteem, allowing their mindest to remain positive and enabling resilience – allowing for a confident, happy child and enabling them to reach their full potential. As a parent we all want our children to be happy, confident, really enjoying […]

Children’s Hypnotherapy

Childrens hypnotherapy - Staffordshire Hypnotherapy

Children’s hypnotherapy, offered by Staffordshire Hypnotherapy, is one of the most effective therapies, transforming children’s lives through visualisation, hypnosis and other imaginative methods. Hypnosis is rewarding, fast and unique. It works to help your child change thoughts, feelings and behaviours by; Having a plan Finding the problem Establish a new behaviour Ensure the new behaviour […]

Emotional Wellbeing & Resilience

Emotional Wellbeing & Resilience - Stafford Hypnotherapy

Emotional wellbeing and resilience – what does this mean – simply put it is an individual’s ability to ‘bounce back’. This can be from getting a question wrong in class, not being selected by your football team, through to changing schools part way through a school year (or anytime to be truthful). This programme run […]

Parental Coaching

Parental Coaching - Staffordshire Hypnotherapy

Parenting coaching by Staffordshire Hypnotherapy Do you ever feel that you are losing your relationship with your child? Feel like the baby who adored you and followed you around is now a moody teenager who won’t talk to, or with you? Do you have a child with learning/emotional differences and are struggling to manage what […]