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Staffordshire Hypnotherapy

34% of those who get referred into NHS services are not accepted into treatment (1. Waiting in line. The children’s society 1 February 2021)

With at least two thirds of young people not wanting to access mental health support by going through their GP, this is where Staffordshire Hypnotherapy can help you or your child, we offer a prompt and efficient service with minimal waiting times and are able to provide the following courses below.

Parental Coaching - Staffordshire Hypnotherapy

Parental Coaching

Duration: £75 per hour - on average 3 sessions (1 hour duration)

Course content:

Parenting coaching by Staffordshire Hypnotherapy

Do you ever feel that you are losing your relationship with your child?

Feel like the baby who adored you and followed you around is now a moody teenager who won’t talk to, or with you?

Do you have a child with learning/emotional differences and are struggling to manage what may, at times, be challenging behaviours?

Or, do you just want to create a fulfilling parental relationship with your child to ensure that they are nurtured and flourish to their full capabilities?

Then this programme by Staffordshire Hypnotherapy may be for you!

Within the programme, Staffordshire Hypnotherapy look to address specific issues you may be experiencing together with generic techniques and strategies which will lead to a calm and relaxing home life, all with connection with your child being the driving force behind this.

This programme run by Staffordshire Hypnotherapy may be over several sessions, dependent on your need.



Emotional Wellbeing & Resilience - Stafford Hypnotherapy

Emotional Wellbeing & Resilience

Duration: £75 per hour - on average 3 sessions (1 hour duration)

Course content:

Emotional wellbeing and resilience – what does this mean – simply put it is an individual’s ability to ‘bounce back’. This can be from getting a question wrong in class, not being selected by your football team, through to changing schools part way through a school year (or anytime to be truthful).

This programme run by Staffordshire Hypnotherapy, enables us to work with you to have a deeper understanding of resilience and why it is important, skills needed to put this in practice, the skillset for encouragement , how to promote positive self-talk, providing problem solving techniques as some of the key elements

Childrens hypnotherapy - Staffordshire Hypnotherapy

Children’s Hypnotherapy

Duration: £75 per session - please budget for approximately 3 sessions

Course content:

Children’s hypnotherapy, offered by Staffordshire Hypnotherapy, is one of the most effective therapies, transforming children’s lives through visualisation, hypnosis and other imaginative methods. Hypnosis is rewarding, fast and unique.

It works to help your child change thoughts, feelings and behaviours by;

  1. Having a plan
  2. Finding the problem
  3. Establish a new behaviour
  4. Ensure the new behaviour becomes automatic

The sessions may include using stories and adventures, meeting a hero or even a character from a favourite TV show – these ideas become easily accepted by children as they are more easily impressionable than adults, leading to a swift and quick transformation.

Children’s hypnotherapy, offered by Staffordshire Hypnotherapy, can help with endless situations from Grief and Loss, to confidence, to bed wetting, to bullying, to hyperactivity, to concentration issues, anxiety, to insecurity and lack of confidence, to acceptance of new partner – the list is quite possibly endless.

Building Confidence & Self Esteem - Staffordshire Hypnotherapy

Building Confidence & Self Esteem

Duration: Each Individual Session is 1 hour @ £75

Course content:

Staffordshire Hypnotherapy work together with you and your child to promote and build their confidence and self-esteem, allowing their mindest to remain positive and enabling resilience – allowing for a confident, happy child and enabling them to reach their full potential.

As a parent we all want our children to be happy, confident, really enjoying life and genuinely feeling good about themselves.

You will note that following on from these bespoke 1-2-1 coaching sessions, your child exhibits

  • Greatly increased self-confidence and  self-esteem
  • Readily let go of anxieties, doubts and worries
  • Overcome nervousness in exams and other performance situations
  • Able to navigate the changes and challenges of growing up
  • Learn life skills and thought patterns that will serve them into adulthood
  • Realise their true potential
  • Possess real inner strength and self-belief
  • Be more focussed and motivated
  • More optimistic and determined
  • Replace self-doubt with positive self-talk
  • Inner peace – just be happier in their own skin, and so much more