Simon was very confident in his delivery and engaged well with the group and interacted with everyone making sure nobody was left out, he has a great understanding and brought so much knowledge to our service around trauma informed care thank you so much

RSVP – Rape & Sexual Violence Project

I have learned more in 6 hours than in 15 years from Simon, the knowledge he has around mental health and trauma is second to none, this has been the most enjoyable course that I have done and I am looking forward to more training sessions with Simon

Chris, Senior Housing Officer, London

Simon has been amazing, He has spent 2 days teaching my team therapeutic parenting and the importance of using PACE within our model of care, he brings excellent knowledge formed from the experience that he has working within children’s homes, he links theory to practice and gives excellent examples of how to deal with situations, this course is a must to anybody working with looked after children.

Jasmine, Responsible Individual Hope House, Nottingham

Simon has been literally life-changing for me and I am so glad I found his services online and gave it a go! My anxiety levels were causing me to not live my life how I thought I should, however since working with Simon I now go out with friends and family and enjoy my life and living. It has made me realise there is a world out there for me to be a part of – and I love it!

RL, Anxiety Hypnotherapy

After trying absolutely everything I just could not kick the habit! I had heard of someone who had used Simon and hypnotherapy and had amazing results so gave it a go. I was sceptical, but willing and desperate to stop smoking, I cannot believe that one session and I have now stopped smoking – I even had a packet of fags in the car on my way home that I did not touch! With the cost of living crisis, this has quite literally changed my life!

LH, Stop Smoking

After years of struggling with my weight, or more realistically, not being able to stick to healthy eating habits, I spoke with Simon and after my initial phone conversation I felt positive and ready to embrace hypnotherapy. I now understand what my triggers are and I am able to enjoy nice treats in moderation, and not pig out. In 6 months, as an added bonus, I have lost 3 stone. I am healthier and fitter than I have ever been and the confidence boost this has given has been life changing. I have even joined a gym.

LF, Weight Management