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Passionate about working with you to achieve and exceed, your goals.

I believe that you are able to achieve your goals and dreams, whatever they may be. For those who may not currently have their own self-belief, I am confident that I, with the help of hypnotherapy, will be able to assist you to achieve and succeed.

Personally, I have always strived to become the best version of myself, from starting my career in the Parachute Regiment where I served in excess of 10 years, through to my personal life, my mental and physical health and wellbeing – and I want to enable you to have and achieve this vision for yourself.

Hypnotherapy provided by Staffordshire Hypnotherapy, coupled with my skillset as a life coach, will set you on the path to success and what the vision of success is for you.

For some, this may be around anxiety and the wish for freedom of what may be times restrictive in living your life to its full, through to stop smoking for personal reasons, save some money, or health needs, through to weight loss – for once not a fad diet, but enabling a lifestyle change, you can even use hypnotherapy for a fear of flying, never been able to board a plane and desperate to jet off with your family for a sunshine break.  All of these, plus so much more, I can assist you with, setting you free from constraints you may have put on yourself and your life.

Did you know that hypnotherapy provided by Staffordshire Hypnotherapy can be claimed on your health insurance as we are a regulated provider

Some of my recent


Level 5 Leadership and Management

(City and Guild’s)

Level 5 coaching and mentoring

NLP Practitioner

Executive coach

Qualified clinical Hypnotherapist

Registered with the General Hypnotherapy register

Working towards REBT Therapist

(Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapy)

Level 3 Education and Training

Level 3 Assessing

Specialist Trainer

In Trauma informed practice, therapeutic parenting, therapeutic behaviour support, and many more…