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About me – Simon Clay

My life could easily have taken a very different path to the one I chose. At school, I was not the most academic and preferred to be with my friends, doing things I really shouldn’t be doing – and probably to the frustration of my parents. Then I hit 15, I suddenly had a dream and a goal, to join the military. After a lot of research, I found the hardest regiment was the Parachute Regiment – my mind was set.

I focused my attention, not on being one of the lads getting into mischief, but to training and getting fit – to be the best I could be, failure not an option. Instead of heading out with friends, I chose running, weights, to get into the best possible shape physically and mentally. Going out to visit family members, I would avoid a lift in the car but chose to run there to get the miles into my legs, I was obsessed on becoming the best, mediocrity wasn’t an option for me.

My selection interview day came and as I sat there confident, but a nervous 16-year-old, I was asked what regiment I wanted to join. “Parachute Regiment”, I said, the selection officer then asked what my second choice was, “Parachute Regiment”.  A wry smile tainted his lips as he explained I had to have 3 separate options. “1 Para, 2 Para or 3 Para” came my response. I wanted to be the best my mind was set.

Since that day my focus has always been to better myself, to drive myself and others forward. That if you set your mind to it, you will achieve your dreams, with dedication, motivation, focus and hard work – anything is possible.

I completed several years within the 1st Battalion the Parachute Regiment working my way up the ranks, focussing my mind to achieving better for myself, becoming a PTI (Physical Training Instructor), which was one of the hardest courses to get on within my regiment. Working in arduous environments, Northern Ireland, Africa, the middle east etc. After I made the decision to leave the military I worked in a secure children’s home, working with young people from gangs, or who had been placed in a secure setting for their own protection, I related to these young people very well and loved the nurturing and re-parenting that we gave to get the best possible outcomes for these special young people.

Then 911 happened. A time which shook the world. I missed the military lifestyle, the banter, the adrenaline rush. As part of my resettlement package, I had trained to work explosive and drug detection dogs. I got in touch with a private security company and was deployed to Iraq, initially as a close protection officer, ending as a team leader for the explosive search dog team. During this 6-year period I had multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan – certainly getting the adrenaline rush and buzz I craved!

After leaving school with zero qualifications, yet finding what I wanted to do, it was time to start studying and educating myself. I was used to hard graft physically, but mentally is a different ball game. I started with gaining my award in Education and Training, this would allow me to teach adults in a variety of sectors, as I knew that I could speak to anyone, I knew that I had the ability to work with and train anyone, most importantly, I knew that anyone whom I trained would gain the best experience and that I would ensure that they would receive the best training for them, to enable them to be the best they could be and so my passion for helping others was born.

Whilst gaining my qualifications, I still had to put food on the table, so I went back to what I know that didn’t involve me being away from home for long periods of time now my family was young. I worked at Children’s homes, working as a deputy manager then homes manager, I didn’t enjoy the management side of things because this took me further away from the kids that I wanted to help.  I have helped young people to overcome trauma they had experienced and working on a Therapeutic Parenting model enabling them to feel safe. I was starting to get an education bug. The more I learnt, the more I wanted to learn – feeding my brain with theories and facts, consistently developing myself to be the best I could be. I gained my qualifications in the childcare sector to Level 5, enabling me to become a Manager of a Children’s Home, but this role I felt lost the focus on the young people – this is where I excelled having the daily contact with the young people within my care. To date I still work in a children’s home as a deputy manager this gives me the best of both worlds.

To date my qualifications are:

  • Level 5 leadership and management (city and guild’s) currently working towards level 7
  • Level 5 coaching and mentoring (ILM)
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Executive coach
  • Transformation coach
  • Qualified clinical Hypnotherapist registered with the General Hypnotherapy register
  • Weight loss Hypnotherapy specialist
  • Stop smoking hypnotherapy specialist
  • Working towards REBT therapist (Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapy)
  • Education and training
  • Assessing


And I am still learning – every day is a school day. I take education from not only courses but those around me, including my children. I am a sponge for knowledge.

So, you may read this and wonder why I chose Coaching & Hypnotherapy – an extremely good question!

It is borne out of my passion to ensure that everyone ‘lives their life without limits’, whatever your dream, whatever your goal – I am passionate about helping you achieve that.

You tell me what your end goal is, I will find the right solution to get you there, utilising NLP, Coaching or Hypnotherapy.

I specialise in weight loss, addiction, stop smoking, mental health, wellbeing and fears and phobias within my hypnotherapy, and I specialise in transformative, wellness, behavioural, life, and young people within my coaching using a variety of different modalities.

My passion is to encourage you, motivate you, empower you and support you. I can guarantee that I will give you my 100% commitment and dedicate my time and techniques to allow you to focus on, and achieve your goals, allowing you to ‘Thrive not just survive’

I look forward to working with you…….