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Welcome to Staffordshire Hypnotherapy

Born out of my passion to ensure that everyone is able to access a lifestyle which motivates and empowers them. Whatever your dream, whatever your goal – I am passionate about helping you achieve that.

You tell me what your end goal is, Staffordshire Hypnotherapy will find the right solution to get you there. My company, Staffordshire Hypnotherapy, offer a wide range of Adult Coaching & Hypnotherapy services together with Children’s Therapeutic Services, where we work with all caregivers where necessary.

Staffordshire Hypnotherapy’s passion is to encourage you, motivate you, empower you and support you. Staffordshire Hypnotherapy guarantee that we give you 100% commitment and dedicate time and techniques to allow you to focus on, and achieve your goals, allowing you to ‘thrive not just survive’

Simon Clay, Staffordshire Hypnotherapy.

Adult coaching & Hypnotherapy

Staffordshire Hypnotherapy offer a range of services for people looking to embrace change and positivity within their lifestyles

Our services include:

Children's therapeutic services

We are all too familiar with the waiting list for services, and all too familiar that often when a family is presented to the local authority that the relationship within the family home, without swift intervention is close to breaking point – if not already there.

We are able work closely with the family, including the Local Authority to ensure that, where it is safe to do so, we can help to rebuild and reshape the family dynamics. We work in a therapeutic way utilising different modalities which include Non-Violent Resistance (NVR), Therapeutic Parenting, Attachment Theory and Trauma Informed Care.


Level 5 Leadership and Management (City and Guild’s)
NLP Practitioner
Executive Coach
Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Working towards REBT Therapist
Education and Training
Mental Health First Aid Instructor (Adult & Youth)

Our Ethos & Philosophy

Staffordshire Hypnotherapy’s driving force is motivating and helping others to achieve their goals and aspirations, be it in their personal or professional life, or even a mixture of both. Staffordshire Hypnotherapy aim to do this by working openly and honestly with individuals, working with them on their journey of self-improvement.

Staffordshire Hypnotherapy believe in building therapeutic relationships that are build on trust, honesty and transparency.

Therapeutic behaviour support training Thrive Training Services

what our clients say

After years of struggling with my weight, or more realistically, not being able to stick to healthy eating habits, I spoke with Simon and after my initial phone conversation I felt positive and ready to embrace hypnotherapy. I now understand what my triggers are and I am able to… Read full testimonial

LF, Weight Management

After trying absolutely everything I just could not kick the habit! I had heard of someone who had used Simon and hypnotherapy and had amazing results so gave it a go. I was sceptical, but willing and desperate to stop smoking, I cannot believe that one session and I… Read full testimonial

LH, Stop Smoking

Simon has been literally life-changing for me and I am so glad I found his services online and gave it a go! My anxiety levels were causing me to not live my life how I thought I should, however since working with Simon I now go out with friends… Read full testimonial

RL, Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Simon has been amazing, He has spent 2 days teaching my team therapeutic parenting and the importance of using PACE within our model of care, he brings excellent knowledge formed from the experience that he has working within children’s homes, he links theory to practice and gives excellent examples… Read full testimonial

Jasmine, Responsible Individual Hope House, Nottingham

I have learned more in 6 hours than in 15 years from Simon, the knowledge he has around mental health and trauma is second to none, this has been the most enjoyable course that I have done and I am looking forward to more training sessions with Simon… Read full testimonial

Chris, Senior Housing Officer, London

Simon was very confident in his delivery and engaged well with the group and interacted with everyone making sure nobody was left out, he has a great understanding and brought so much knowledge to our service around trauma informed care thank you so much… Read full testimonial

RSVP – Rape & Sexual Violence Project


Our Values

Staffordshire Hypnotherapy aim to empower individuals, enabling a positive mindset and the opportunity to excel in their aspirations.


We will operate ethically, reliably and honestly.


We will exceed expectations and strive to be the best we can be.

Care and Respect

We will provide a caring and understanding environment, acknowledging each other’s individuality and differences.

Innovative Approach

To regularly review how we can best provide our services to the individual/learner with a personalised service.

High Quality Service Provision

To exceed the expectations of our customers. From initial enquiry, through the delivery and assessment of our services.

Value for Money

Delivering reasonably priced services that are accessible for all.